Bible Basics

Whether you’re new to the Christian faith, looking to review what you have already learned, or somewhere in between, our Bible Basics study is a great way to dig into the Word of God, find the answers to life's most important questions, and grow in faith together with your fellow Christians.  

Classes will be held each Thursday night at 7pm, beginning February 28th.  Please contact Pastor Rathje if you're interested in attending or if you have any questions: pastor@abidinghopeocala.com or (352) 445-8366.

Bible Basics includes the lessons below and much more:

God's Plan of Salvation

God Created a Beautiful Universe

Why is the World So Crazy?

How Did Jesus Save the World?

The End is Coming!

Why Do We Need the Bible?

God Works through Holy Baptism

God Works through Holy Communion

God Gathers His Church

A Conversation with God

Our Spiritual Heartbeat

Love the Lord Your God

Love Your Neighbor - Part 1

Love Your Neighbor - Part 2

Take Good Care