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Beginning Sunday, February 17th, we will begin a new Bible study entitled, “The Lies We Believe.”  This study draws upon the book of the same name by Dr. Chris Thurman, who asserts  that most of our emotional struggles, relationship difficulties, and spiritual set-backs are caused by the lies we tell ourselves and believe to be true.  In order to deal with them, we need to A) identify them, and B) replace them with the truth, God’s truth.

Over the course of the Bible study, we will identify the lies we believe, understand the impact they have on our lives, and finally, learn how to combat them with the powerful, life-saving Word of God.

You have two different opportunities to join us for this study.  It will be offered on Sunday mornings at 9am, beginning February 17th, and again on Tuesday mornings at 11am, beginning February 19th.  The same material will be covered on Tuesday as Sunday, so you are free to pick whichever class best fits your schedule.  Come and join us and let the Holy Spirit build you up in faith and strengthen you for your journey though this life to the joys heaven.