Bible Study

Bible study is an important part of our lives as Christians and an important part of church life at Abiding Hope.  It's through his Word that the strengthens and builds us up in faith as we grow together in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Check out our current Bible study opportunities below.

Sunday Mornings 9am

Tuesday Mornings 11am


Bible Basics - New Session Starting Soon

Bible Basics runs throughout the year, digging into the core teachings of the Christian faith.  Bible Basics is well suited for anyone—whether you’re new to the Christian faith, looking to review what you have already learned, or somewhere in between—all are welcome.


1 Corinthians - Tuesdays 11:00am

The city of Corinth was plagued by the unbridled immorality common to large commercial cities as well as the gross idolatry common to Greek culture.  Like any Greek city, its citizens were also very interested in philosophy and placed a high premium on wisdom. 

In a setting like this, it’s not hard to imagine why problems quickly arose for a young and gifted, but also spiritually immature Christian congregation.  Paul wrote this letter to instruct the Corinthian congregation in its areas of weakness and to correct several doctrinal errors and sinful practices that had sprung up among the membership.

Paul approaches the difficulties in the congregation with a true shepherd’s heart, making it clear that the only solution to problems caused by sin of any kind is the grace of God in our Savior Jesus Christ.